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Welcome to Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd, an esteemed ISO certified company dedicated to bridging the gap between academia and industry by providing transformative internship opportunities and professional courses.

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  • The Internship Certification is globally accepted

    Courses offered by a software company might include insights into the company's unique processes, tools, and technologies.
    Online professional courses offer a range of values that contribute to personal and career development. online professional courses provide a convenient, accessible, and flexible way to enhance skills, broaden horizons, and advance both professionally and personally. Enrolling in online courses also helps individuals improve their digital literacy and comfort with online platforms, which is increasingly important in today's digital age.

    Cutting-Edge Information: Proficient courses advertised by a program company give get to to the most recent progressions, patterns, and advances within the industry.

  • Trustable & Internationally Accepted

    Enhanced Skill Development: An ISO-certified internship in our company offers interns exposure to structured training programs that align with industry best practices.

    Real-world Experience: Interns in our ISO-certified software company get hands-on experience working on actual projects that adhere to quality standards.

  • Every Candidate will get their own portfolio website

    Successfully completing a hands-on project can boost participants' confidence in their abilities. Hands-on projects offer a holistic and practical approach to learning, fostering skills, confidence, and adaptability needed for success in various domains.Hands-on projects involve active engagement in practical activities to gain real-world experience and develop valuable skills. These projects bridge the gap between theory and practice, fostering problem-solving abilities,and many more.

    Hands On Skill Development: Hands-on projects offer a platform to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, fostering the development of practical skills that are essential in the our industry.

    Authentic Experience: Working on hands-on projects gives participants a taste of real software development processes, tools, and challenges.

What Make Us Spcecial?

Innovative | Creative | Informative

At Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd, we're not just a software company – we're your gateway to unparalleled learning, growth,
and real-world experience in the world of technology. Choosing us for your professional internship means
choosing a path that leads to expertise, innovation, and a competitive edge.


Who we are

Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd , an ISO certified company, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency in all our endeavors. Our commitment to ISO standards reflects our dedication to delivering excellence in every facet of our internship and professional course offerings.
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At Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd, our vision is to create a dynamic learning ecosystem where theoretical concepts are seamlessly integrated with practical applications. We aspire to be the catalyst for skill enhancement , career advancement, nurturing a generation ofindividuals who thrive in today's competitive world.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals to unleash their potential, pursue their passions, and achieve their aspirations. Whether you are a student seeking practical exposure or a professional aiming for career advancement, Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd is here to guide you on your journey towards excellence.
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"Being Forward Do In Forward" Where innovation meets excellence

Santu Mallick, Co-Founder

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Mountains move for a determined team & we believe Teamwork's the only scenario where less work causes more success.

Anirban Sen
Digital Marketing Head
Thrilled to lead this incredible team at Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd! Their innovative spirit and dedication to crafting exceptional solutions never cease to amaze me....
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Operational Lead
Proud to lead this exceptional team at Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd! Their unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch content and their creative flair continue to exceed...
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Marketing Consultant
Absolutely privileged to lead this dynamic team at Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd! Their strategic thinking and passion for driving results make every campaign a resounding...
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Tech Lead
Incredibly proud of my team at Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd! Their coding prowess and collaborative spirit fuel our mission to create cutting-edge solutions. Together, we're...
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Sales Lead
Leading this exceptional team at Techuniverse Solution Pvt Ltd is an honor! Their relentless drive and strategic approach consistently drive remarkable sales growth. Together, we're...

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